Friday, 6 December 2013

did i miss him ?

assalamualaikum !!~

ok fine ! * tetibe *

xder ah mmg dyedee suke buat question as my title sbb dyedee pom curious !!~

am i missing him ??

ok so whom im talking about ??!!~~

hahahaha * awkward *

* krik-krik *

mesti korunk ckp ' alah sape lg dye rindu hubbies tercinte lah kan ?? '

yg tue mmg selalu dirindui tp skunkz dyedee rse dyedee rindu lg someone tue !!~ knpe ssah sgt dye nk keluar dari kepala dyedee nie ??!!~ buat semak jee !!~

ai tue bapak terkejut bile dyedee taw dye ader wechat skali bile dyedee bukak acc dye bapak cuak !!~ hati berkecai !!~ hahaaha

dye punye profile picture pic pompuan !!~ lawa plak tue !!~ mesti ah pic awek dye !!~ dh tue username dye pom name awek dye !!~ arghhhhhhhhhhhh

now im totally broken into pieces !!~

now pelek !!~ ak suke dye k ?? ak berhak k nk broken into pieces ??!!~ ak nie sape ??!!~ hahahaa

bende tue dyedee duk pikir bile dyedee tgok wechat acc dye !!~ lepas dyedee tgok username dye, profile pic dye terus dyedee delete nom dye !!~ now im regretting my stupid action like damnly much !!~ hahaha

pastue smlm dyedee tgah lepak2 tengok gag concert kt tv n ader satu part tue mcm nie :

girl : what ur ambition ??
boy : a doctor.
girl : why ??
boy : coz u wanna be a nurse.

yg part nie terus dyedee teringat kat dye !!~ dye slalu ckp mcm tue kt dyedee !!~ ish tension ah kepala dyedee nie !!~ pdhal dh 3 tahun doe dyedee x jmpe dye !!~ n until now im still looking for him ??!!~ y ??!!~ mmg dyedee nk lupekan dye but still i cnt erase him away ??!!~ im already delete every single little things relate to him in my phone but still my mind cnt do the same things !!~

sbnrnye ader cerita d sebalik knpe dyedee slalu ingt kt dye !!~ sbb smua around me make me think about him !!~ sblom nie dyedee ader mintak tlg dye something n he did help me but of coz he asked for a i expect jus give him something n thats it !

but he asked me to be his date !!~ ok fine its kinda weird..but he just wanna me be his date for a day !!~ jus wanna me know him better n ask me to think about his offer again !!~ not dis looks like in a movie ?? yes !!~ he always do something like in a movie !!~ thats y i think he such an attractive guy !!~ actually he asked me to be his gf for about 2 or 3 times already but i give him the same answer like ' y dont we just be friends for now '   mybe this kind of answer like im not giving him my final decision whether i wanna be with him or not !!~

dont u know how hard me in the situation when me need to think about people that i love !!~ but actually i love both sides !!~ SUPER JUNIOR n HIM !!~ I LOVE BOTH OF SIDES !!~ cn't he see this ??!!~ yaaa pabo !!~ i love u !!~

but the reason i give him that kind of answer becoz i feel like im betraying super junior if im with him...but in deep of my heart im really glad when he asked me that question...i cnt handle both sides at the same time !!~ n me really scared if me with him n for sure i will be less obsess with super junior n what if he left me later, how am i cn be at that time ??!!~ am i still cn be like before loving sj like before i met him ??!!~ am i will make super junior as my backup when i have no one by my side n i will left super junior behind when i have him by my side ??!!~ i cnt do that !!~ i feel so bad !!~ im so hurt when oppa hurt !!~ i really cnt two timing like dis !!~

n i make my mind that i leave him for SUPER JUNIOR !!~ so oppa be glad !!~ im not gonna leave u even when u leave me !!~ hehe

dyedee siap janji kot !!~ JANJI ok nk date dgn dye for a day dlm mse tahun nie !!~ but i fail !!~ dyedee x dpt cari mase untuk date dgn dye since we're far apart !!~ me in melaka while him in shah alam !!~ so far away !!~

tp time dye ckp nk me as his date cyez dyedee excited gileeeeeeee !!~ ahahahahah

tp rsenye dye pom dh x kesah kt dyedee kot !!~ kot2 dh x kenal dh dyedee sape !!~ huhu

sbnrnye dyedee mmg nk dye tggu dyedee !!~ tp yewla sape sggop tggu lame kn !!??~~ n nie dh 3 tahun kot !!~ 3 tahun dye tggu dyedee n dyedee rse mmg dye deserve a better life kot !!~ live with someone he love !!~

You deserve to be with somebody who makes you happy   Live Laugh Love Quotes meaningful quotes
* obviously im not for him *

sbnrnye ai tue dyedee sjee jee tnye dye dh jmpe k ' someone special '  dkat tmpat blajar dye n dye ckp ' yes i did '  mse tue dyedee rse cm ' knpe lh ak bodoh sgt pegi tnye soklan mcm tue ?? '  tp nie lah org ckp ' telajak perahu boleh diundur tp telajak kate x bley nk buat ape2 dh !!~ '  tp mse nie dye ckp dye x sempat nk ejas lg..dye malu lg nk ejas.

so i bet the girl in his profile pic is the one he story me kot !!~

skunkz nie dyedee x taw knpe dyedee msih mnunggukn dye !!~ dyedee x taw knpe !!??~~ dyedee x nk idop mcm nie !!~

sbb tue skunkz dyedee sibuk penohkn otak dyedee dgn super junior !!~

but still keep in ur mind im not loving sj bcoz i wanna forget about him !!~ im so in love with super junior just becoz of themselves but i jus wanna focus on super junior alone !!~

dyedee rse dyedee mmg suke dye lah !!~ dulu dyedee curious dgn perasaan dyedee sendiri !!~ but the moment i realised im in love with him is just too late for me to get with him !!~ hahahaa

what so pity of me !!~